About Kourtis Family Farms 

At Kourtis Family Farms our breeding program is focused on raising superior quality Texas Longhorn cattle. What does "superior quality" mean to us? By that we mean that our ideal animal is well built with proper quality beef conformation, exhibits and excels at many of the natural longhorn traits bestowed by nature and efficiently performs in the pasture or in the show ring. Additionally we enjoy and respect the rugged beauty and captivating history of this great breed of cattle. In order to achieve these goals we have split our breeding herd into two different divisions; a Purebred Seed Stock Division and a Commercial Crossbreeding Division. These divisions not only allow for some diversification but they also give us the opportunity to test, prove and advance the commercial viability of longhorns as well as promote the breed through our purebred seed stock herd for a secure and profitable future.  

The goals of the Purebred Seed Stock Division are to produce cattle that will be the next generation of greats whether your plans are to use them as seed stock cattle, show cattle, commercial cattle or as lean beef.  While that may seem like a wide range of end goals we believe they overwhelmingly share core values.  That allows us to focus our breeding in the areas of fertility, calf survivability, milking ability, temperament, conformation ("beef where beef counts"), maximum lean meat, carcass quality, hardiness, resistance to some diseases, longevity, foraging ability, and the ability to gain weight well and maintain that weight on pasture and rangeland. Many of these are naturally longhorn traits and our goal is to continually improve or accentuate them through our breeding program and detailed record keeping. 

"The Texas Longhorn made more history than any other breed of cattle the civilized world has known. As an animal in the realm of natural history, he was the peer of bison or grizzly bear. As a social factory, his influence on men was extraordinary. An economic agent in determining the character and occupation of a territory continental in its vastness, he moved elementally with drouth, grass, blizzards out of the Arctic and the wind from the south. However supplanted or however disparaged by evolving standards and generations, he will remain the bedrock on which the history of the cow county of America is founded. In picturesqueness and romantic realism his name is destined for remembrance as long as the memory of man travels back to those pristine times when waters ran clear, when free grass waved a carpet over the face of the earth, and America's Man on Horseback - not a helmeted soldier, but a booted cowboy - rode over the rim with all the abandon, energy, insolence, pride, carelessness and confidence epitomizing the booming west." (J. Frank Dobie, The Longhorns, 1941, xiii)

    Meet The People Behind the Brand


The Kourtis Family 
Pete, Shelley, Sophia & Jackson

Ranch Manager
Nate Edwards


Nate's family has been raising Texas Longhorns since 1990 starting with his grandparents and his parents are operating that herd to this day.  Throughout his life he has spent time working alongside his family on their ranch and showing longhorn cattle.  Nate met his wife while in school at Oklahoma State University and were married following graduating in May 2016.  Nate received a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Economics and Ellen received a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Leadership during their time at OSU.  After a short stent living in Texas they joined the Kourtis Family Farms team in March of 2017.