Commercial Program

In 2019 Kourtis Family Farms began our commercial crossbreeding division utilizing Registered Texas Longhorn Females and cross breeding them with Charolais bulls. The main goal of the program is a high weaning weight, polled calf that is highly marketable through more conventional beef cattle marketing streams. Almost all of the calves are cream or cream and white in color and are generally heavier boned and grow more rapidly. Also the Charolais x Longhorn cross maximizes the lean muscle percentage on each calf. Many of the crossbred heifers make very good F1 females to be used with a third breed in a commercial cowherd. 
People may ask the question “ why  use registered longhorns as commercial females?” Let us tell you why: the Texas Longhorn is an efficient ‘genetic gold mine’. The breed has many of the economic traits and the broad environment adaptation necessary for success in well planned, carefully executed crossbreeding programs. By ‘genetic gold mine’ we include: fertility, calving ease, calf survivability, milking ability, temperament, conformation (“beef where beef counts”), maximum lean meat, carcass quality, hardiness, resistance to some diseases, longevity, foraging ability, and the ability to gain weight well and maintain that weight on pasture and rangeland. Each one of those characteristics are traits that were bestowed by nature while the longhorn was running “wild” or “feral” across the southern plains. Kourtis Family Farms is nestled in the Osage Hills of Oklahoma and has many rough hills and valleys. We practice rotational grazing and our Longhorn cows utilize anything and everything they can eat. We have even seen them strip the leaves off the saplings that dot the hillsides.

Much of the effort from our Purebred seed stock division is focused on conformation and the excellent maternal qualities that longhorns possess. Those cattle from our purebred division which are placed in the crossbreeding division combine all the natural longhorn traits & the hybrid vigor with the Charolais bulls, to create an excellent crossbred calf.

            If you are interested in Registered Longhorn Cows bred to our Charolais Bulls, go look at our Sale Pen page. Also, If you are interested in cross calves especially F1 heifers, feel free to contact us!